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580F units are one-piece gas heating electric cooling units that are pre-wired and pre-charged with R-22 at the factory. Units are factory tested in both heating and cooling modes. The units are rated in accordance with ARI Standard 360 designed in accordance with UL Standard 1995, and listed by ETL. Every unit is thoroughly run-tested at the factory at each operating mode. This automated testing allows accurate, undisputed tests and measurements, which are second to none in the industry. The units are ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999 compliant.

580F units are designed for downflow curb-mounted applications. Ductwork is connected to the roof curb. With the use of the accessory horizontal supply mounting curb, the unit is converted into a horizontal supply and return. Flanged openings are provided for horizontal duct connection. Units are available with aluminum or copper fin stock. All refrigerant tubing is copper. Other coil protection options are available.

Perfect Humidity ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant ETL Listed ARI Standard
ARI 360

Standard Features:
  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999 Compliant.
  • Each unit features independent refrigerant circuits with a scroll compressor on each circuit.
  • Refrigerant metering devices for each circuit are TXV¿s.
  • Compressor protection includes high and low pressure cutouts, and over-temperature protection.
  • Dual Freeze-Stat protection is provided as standard.
  • Two-inch, disposable-type fiberglass return air filters.
  • Manually adjustable outside air intake for up to 25% outside air.
  • Two-stage cooling on all models.
  • Two-stage heating on all models.
  • Low outdoor temperature cooling operation to 40° F is standard.
  • Single point electrical service entry.
  • Single point gas connection.
  • Condenser fan motors are internally protected. Single-phase motors are used on the 180, 210 and three-phase motors on the 240, 300.
  • Demand-oriented control system controls integrated EconoMi$er+ (option), mechanical cooling and heating from room thermostat.
  • Automatic changeover (when used with auto-changeover thermostat).
  • Adjustable speed main blower drives.
  • Provision for alternate horizontal return is standard on all models.
  • Horizontal supply available with adapter roof curb accessory. Power exhaust and barometric relief must be external to the unit if used with horizontal supply/return.
  • Control circuit protected by circuit breaker.
  • Cabinet made of Weather Armor pre-painted, baked enamel finish and insulated with neoprene-coated fiberglass.
  • Optional factory-installed gear-driven EconoMi$er+ utilizes a microprocessor and dry bulb control. Spring return on power loss.

  • Induced draft combustion system uses manual reset roll-out switch and induced draft fan proving switch.
  • Heating controls include a cycling ignition system with flame rectification sensor and redundant gas valve.
  • Integrated Gas Control (IGC) board.
  • Alumagard¿ coated Turbo-tubular¿ heat exchangers.

Limited Standard Warranty:
  • Standard one-year product warranty on all parts, no labor
  • Additional second through fifth year on heat exchanger, no labor
  • Optional Extended Protection Plans are available.
  • Additional second through fifth year on compressor, no labor (180 only).

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